Winners Announced!

Thank you for voting for your favorite art pieces that were submitted to the Voices for Youth Mental Health Art Contest!
Again, we want to thank all artists who contributed. Your creation and words have had an influence on so many people all over Michigan.

Congratulations to these Artists, who received the most votes:


  1. 1. Clementine K. – Abstract Mind
  2. 2. Mimi W. – Peace
  3. 3. Blake D. Unsteady


  1. 1. Scarlett S. – Happy Forgotten Birthday!
  2. 2. Katie R. – Emotion of the Eye: Some days Seem as if they Never End
  3. 3. Emily B. – I Was Never Young


  1. 1. Allison C. – The Girl in the Bottle
  2. 2. Kristy K. – Young Mother
  3. 3. Angelina J. – A Silent, Solitary Battle

All artists will receive complimentary gift prizes for their submissions.

If you have any difficulty at all connecting with your piece or need more information, please email or

Thank you,
Munson Healthcare
Voices for Community Health

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