Wanting To Bloom


Cameron F.


Wanting To Bloom


Colored Pencil


This art piece is a representation of what mental health means to me. When struggling with your mental health, it can be hard to think positively when you are in such a dark place. Struggling with mental health can be a really negative thing but I wanted to create an image that made you feel the opposite. One thing that has always made me feel better is looking at flowers and even buying some for myself. That’s why I decided to create a beautiful up close picture of some of my favorite colorful flowers (roses, daisies, tulips made with colored pencil). In the middle of all of the flowers there is a rose leaning over that is starting to wilt while the rest of the flowers are standing up tall and healthy. The watercolor background is darkest in the middle where my rose is to help represent my arts theme. I am the only rose with thorns, that is portray how I feel I need to protect myself. My rose wilting among other healthy flowers is to represent how alone I feel while I struggling with my mental health unlike others who don't. In other words, I feel I am the only one that is not blooming.

Cameron Flees - Wanting To Bloom