The Untold Told


Sarah O.


The Untold Told


Graphite Pencil


I made this piece because growing up with 2 siblings who have Autisim i saw how easily judged they were no one took the time to stop and hear their story they are seen as different and strange and people dont like that and its not just them its the autistic community as a whole people are quick to judge them and label them as freaks and different and weird when really they are just regular people like you and me with a little extra personality to them and they are very very misunderstood. What i hope people take from this is: learning to look beyond the surface... get to know and understand their stories and learn more about them I think people especially younger people are so quick to judge someone based off appearence and difference rather than trying to talk listen and understand and truly see someone for who they are and it takes a really bad tole on someone's mental health when they feel unseen and judged and a sense of not belonging i want people to open their eyes. Look deeper. Make connections. And try to understand someone else's story before judging

Sarah Olivier - The Untold Story