Shannon R.






As someone who has struggled with mental health and who has witnessed loved ones struggle as well, I understand how hopeless and crippling it can feel. With the help of God, through faith and prayer, accompanied by a will to want to understand myself, understand the illness and heal from it, I have been free from medication and disabling panic for nearly a decade. No, life isn’t perfect and struggles still arise, however, being able to navigate through the turbulence, when they come, without being controlled by emotions, but rather holding firm to truth, that, paired with an understanding of what my brain is doing and how to help myself recover is, in itself, empowering. Healing is work. It sometimes feels like the fight of your life, and sometimes it is;but I want people to know that they are capable of overcoming;one moment at a time, one day at a time, one year at a time…you are stronger than the storm you are facing and the ability to heal truly is within your power.

Shannon Reed - Stronger