Emerging Light


Katie L.


Emerging Light


Acrylic Paint


This piece is a 16” x 13” canvas filled with vibrant and contrasting colors, symbolizing the diverse range and complexity of mental health in youths. The central focus of the piece is the youths’ upward gaze representing the hope, resilience, and strength found within the youth. The composition is abstract, with fluid and organic shapes that intertwine and overlap, reflecting the fluidity of mental health. The colors used are a combination of warm and cool tones, each representing different aspects of the emotional spectrum. The warm hues, such as fiery reds, evoke feelings of passion, hope, and vitality. On the other hand, cool blues and soothing greens represent tranquility, growth, and inner peace. Embedded within the artwork are subtle circles that further convey unity and the interconnectedness of individuals within a supportive community. These elements are also to remind viewers that mental health is an ongoing journey.

Katie Lowran - Emerging Light